Tango Remolino. The fairytale you've been waiting for.

December 27, 2018 — January 6, 2019

We all long for a little magic. And magic can never be pre-planned. That is why all dancers are welcome at Tango Remolino. It must be a charm that every year brings incredible people to Lviv. Some of them decide to come at the last moment guided by a bewitching call.

Maybe it's the stars of the festival – our sorcerers – the DJ's, whose music summons dancers even before it is played. Maybe it's the city.

Lviv in winter is a mesmerizing wonderland. Between milongas we want you to have time to stroll along snow-covered alleys in the park, hear carolers and admire the traditional Ukranian celebrations. It's a beautiful time in Ukraine's most touristic city.

Remolino is all about enjoying every moment, whether it be on or off the dancefloor. 


The earlier you pay for your milongas — the cheaper they will be.
Prices in Ukrainian hryvnias:

If you pay before:
Milonga August 11 October 11 December 11 At the entrance
Night 180 240 300 360
Daytime 90 120 150 180

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You can refund full price of your ticket until december 11.

If you decide to change the dates of your tickets, you will need to return them until december 11 and buy new ones at the later price.


DJ Venue
December 27 22:30–4:30 Jenni Valli (Finland)
December 28 16:30–20:30 Nicolas Rostov (Russia)
December 28 22:30–4:30 Benjamin Lee (South Korea)
December 29 16:30–20:30 Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Ukraine)
December 29 22:30–4:30 Jasmin Muranovic (Austria)
December 30 4:30–open endSemeon Kukormin (Russia)Dnister
December 30 16:30–20:30 Ekaterina Vinogradova (Russia)
December 30 22:30–4:30 Olga Agapova (Russia)
December 31 4:30–7:30 James Bates (Germany) Dnister
December 31 16:30–20:30 Laura Iaru (Romania)
December 31 22:30–4:30
Semeon Kukormin (Russia)
January 1 4:30–7:30 Luka Radunović (Montenegro)
January 1 16:30–20:30Manuel Frantz (Germany)
January 1 22:30–4:30 Ralph Nasi (Turkey)
January 2 4:30–7:30 Jenni Valli (Finland) Dnister
January 2 16:30–20:30 Benjamin Lee (South Korea) Gracia
January 2 22:30–4:30 Monica Şuteu (Germany)
January 3 4:30–7:30 Nicolas Rostov (Russia) Dnister
January 3 16:30–20:30 Bernt Andreas Drange (Norway)
January 3 22:30–4:30 Mik Avramenko (Ukraine)
January 4 4:30–7:30 Luka Radunović (Montenegro) Dnister
January 4 16:30–20:30 Ewa Zbrzeska (Poland/UK)
January 4 22:30–4:30 Frank Seifart (Germany)
January 5 4:30–7:30 Bernt Andreas Drange (Norway) Dnister
January 5 16:30–20:30 James Bates (Germany)
January 5 22:30–4:30 Daniel Tuero (Argentina)
January 6 4:30–7:30Mik Avramenko (Ukraine) Dnister
January 6 22:30–4:30 Anastassia Starosseltseva (Russia)

Tango stories (lectures about tango music):

Michael Lavocahauthor of "Tango Stories: Musical Secrets", is an avid collector and researcher of tango music. He is now working on a series of books exploring the work of the great tango orchestras, ‘Tango Masters’. The volumes on Troilo, Pugliese and Di Sarli have already been published. 
To find a lecture hall please follow the signs at Dnister hotel 1st floor. To register - click here.


December 28 13:30–15:00  "Listening to tango music"
December 29 13:30–15:00  "Anibal Troilo"
December 30 13:30–15:00  "Carlos Di Sarli"
January 2 13:30–15:00  "Osvaldo Pugliese"
January 13:30–15:00  "Juan D'Arienzo"
January 13:30–15:00  "Osvaldo Fresedo"
January 5 13:30–15:00  "Tango and history of love"

Navigation and floorcraft classes:

All seminars are free of charge, you don’t need to register or to have a dance partner, just come 5 minutes before the lesson starts.

From 15:00 till 16:00 at Dnister on the 9th floor. Meet our wonderful instructors:

December 28Maria Moreno
December 29Sasha Vicente-Grabovetsky
December 30Kerem Öksüz
January 2 and 3Sergey Podbolotnyy
January 4Elena Sergienko


Venue №1 — “Dnister” (6, Mateyko street)

The first venue is located on the top floor of the festival hotel Dnister and has a magnificent view of the city. There are changing rooms, a bar and enough seating for everyone. Most of day- and nighttime milongas and all afterparties will take place here.

Uber to Dnister from your location.

Uber to Dnister from Gracia.

Venue №2   "Gracia" (32, Shchyretska str.)

Based on the number of registrations some milongas will be moved to the larger venue. The place is lovingly decorated by our volunteers and includes changing rooms, a bar and enough seating for everyone.

Uber to Gracia from your location.

Uber to Gracia from Dnister.

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