Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Dj Tangess) (Ukraine, Kiev/L’vov)

She always knows what tango to play now. And what cortina should change the atmosphere for the next tanda. All the best tangos from the Golden Age will sound differently with her. She will share her love and energy with you - DJ Tangess, from the most beautiful Ukrainian city L´vov. In 2008-2010 participated as a DJ at the festivals and milongas in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, Belgium, Italy and Argentina. She organises her own DJ-festival in L'vov.

Thorsten Zoerner (Duesseldorf, Germany) Thorsten Zoerner hails from Duesseldorf, Germany and plays great traditional tango and fancy cortinas. Apparently he is one of the last DJs who work with CDs only, really handcrafting every session. Dancers feel and appreciate the difference, when every single song is selected and started by hand.

He has been DJing for many years all over Europe and the East Coast of the USA.

This is already his fourth visit to the Ukraine.

Vladimir Makhalov (Moscow, Russia) Being a true artist he listens and feels the music in a magic way. He is passionate about tango and shares his passion in each tanda he plays. He is young, but already experienced: as a tango DJ he had been appreciated in different important tango centers: Moscow, Amsterdam, Malmö, Stockholm, London, Buenos Aires.

Iakov Gan (Paris/Saint-Petersburg, France/Russia)

Iakov, also known as «tangoman» is a Tango Dancer and a DJ from St. Petersburg. He currently lives in Paris, France. He is DJing on a regular milongas in France and other European countries.

Mikhail Avramenko (DJ Mik) (Kiev, Ukraine) Taking his first steps as a tango DJ when he was a child, Mikhail went on to pursue an education in music and was DJ of the school radio station. In 2007 he started DJing tango and after 1 year became a regular DJ at Kiev’s milongas.

He prefers Golden Age tango - his favourite orchestra is Carlos Di Sarli’s. Mik tries to play a variety music, but at the same produce a harmonious mix, and create an atmosphere that makes you not want to leave the milonga until the last note of the Cumparsita.

An addition to milongas in Kiev, he has DJ'd Ukrainian tango festivals, including “Embrace of tango” and “Tango D’Amore” (Odessa), “Tango Remolino” (L’vov), “Industrial Tango Exchange” (Dnepropetrovsk).

Ömer Bayraktar (Istanbul, Turkey) Omer has been performing as a tango Dj for a quite long time mostly in Turkey. He has been well-known by tango community in Turkey for his melodic and powerful music. He has a unique taste of music selection among the wide tango music history starting from Old Guard to Tango Nuevo. His major success is that has a dynamic connection with the dance floor. He prefers rhythmic music fretted by smooth and clear music.


Sergey Rogozenko (Odessa, Ukraine) Listening different kinds of music whereever he can, but prefering jazz and tango, it no surprise when he started DJing at milongas. Since the summer of 2009 Sergey regularly DJs at milongas in the wonderful city of Odessa. He prefers to play tango music of the Golden Age - with a particular appreciation for the orchestras of Juan D'Arienzo and Rodolfo Biagi.

Aleksey Doroschenko (Minsk, Belarus) I like to cook.

To choose good and tasty ingredients.

To check out some interesting recipe & then do everything in my way.

To experiment with unexpected & to play safe in case of some important dinner.

To cook lots of dishes for big celebration or just one small but extremely important dish.

To use spices for best effect & to archive great results even without them.

But even more than that i like to eat :)

And last year in Lviv it was a truly paradise for one's ears & stomach.

Natalie Demkovich (Kiev, Ukraine) A young DJ, full of energy, with good taste and a mischievous temperament, Natalie creates a very special atmosphere at the milongas. She's attentive to dancers, loves experiments, and improves her DJ skills all the time.

“The dance-floor will always tell me if I'm playing good music or not. I respect my audience, and the connection between us is a musical space where I can communicate with dancers”.

Michael Naumov (Ekaterinburg, Russia)"Public - as exacting, but the sympathetic partner. If you are able to listen and are able to conduct, - dance is possible. And milonga too. When I put music, I exchange emotions with whole dancing. Magical sensation!"

Oleg Golubev (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Truly passionate about tango, Oleg develops is constantly developing his understanding of the art as both dancer and DJ. As a DJ he tries to create an atmosphere that inspires tangueros to dance. He specializes in the traditional music of the Golden Age, which doesn’t permit dancers to sit down until the milonga has ended.