Tango Remolino

2021— 2022

Dj festival in L'viv, Ukraine

30 December — 9 January

Remolino this year will take on a cosier format. As of today, all milongas are to take place at the Panorama hall of Dnister hotel - our regular smaller venue. This means that you don't need to go far to dance - lots of accommodation options in and around the hotel. This also means each milonga is limited to 250 dancers. All milongas from 31 Dec till 4 Jan are sold out, but there are few left for the second half of the festival. Don't miss the end of registration - December 13 (it will be impossible this year to buy tickets at entrance).

Our Dj team and schedule:

Day milongas from 3:30pm to 8:30pm

30.12 Anca Madroane (Romania)

31.12 Baris Goker (Turkey)

1.01 Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Ukraine)

2.01 Luka Radunović (Montenegro)

3.01 Fabio Iocco (Italy)

4.01 James Bates (Germany)

5.01 Irina Kostroma (Russia)

6.01 Iv Manos (Greece)

7.01 Valentina Mitrieva (Ukraine)

8.01 Mike Shirobokov (USA)

9.01 Sergiy Blazhenko (Ukraine)

Night milongas from 10:30pm to 3:30am

30.12 Tara Thurau (USA)

31.12 Mik Avramenko (Ukraine)

1.01 Monica Suteu (Romania/Germany)

2.01 Manuel Frantz (Germany)

3.01 Ralph Nasi (Turkey)

4.01 Jenni Valli (Finland)

5.01 Mik Avramenko (Ukraine)

6.01 Mariko (Ukraine/Israel)

7.01 Davor Perhaj (Croatia)

8.01 Anastassia Starosseltseva (Russia)

9.01 Helmut Höllriegl (Austria)

Prices and registration. Festival desk hours:

We will close registration on December 13.

No tickets will be sold at the door. You must register and pay before December 13 for the milongas in advance.

Please note these rules if you are going to participate. They are described as of now but might get stricter or easier depending on the epidemiological and regulatory situation.

COVID safety

We insist on a self-test (rapid antigen test) before the trip for each guest, regardless of vaccination status and airline and train requirements. We ask you to send documents confirming vaccination in advance so that we can check them.

To participate, you must either:

  • Have had COVID-19 and recovered before, or

  • Had been vaccinated, or

  • Commit to the daily testing(nasal swab, cost of antigen test included in milonga ticket)

Free antigen tests for self-control will be available at the festival reception desk. You should take one upon arrival and after 5 days of stay at the festival.

As these preparations take place before the event, NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. Nor will you be able to share them, sell or give away - each ticket will have a photo of the dancer and can only be used by this person.

Сancellation policy

We will cancel your registration and refund your payment per your request until December 13.

If you bought the whole day with an early-bird price you can cancel only the whole day (both day and night milonga). If you bought milongas full price you can cancel any milonga separately.

We will also cancel your registration if we don't get all the supporting documents before that date.

We will refund the money for the missed milonga if you are already at the festival and feel unwell.

If you are unable to travel because of new travel restrictions (e.g. you get COVID) after December 13 we will move the payment to the next edition.

Accommodation at the hotel:

If you are looking for a roommate or a travel buddy check this group on Facebook — Remolino Inn.

The hotel of the festival is Dnister Hotel ****.

It is situated in the historic centre of Lviv and surrounded by a picturesque old park. Rooms and suites feature a breathtaking panorama of the Old Town.

Promo-code is not available anymore so to book a room you need to contact the hotel reservation desk by phone +38 (032) 297 43 17 or email reservation@dnister.lviv.ua. State that you are coming to the festival.

The payments will be done using your card info from November 20th until November 30th. 100% of prepayment will be withdrawn. Cancellation policy: if you are unable to come because of new travel restrictions - hotel will refund the booking .

We recommend using AirBnb to search for a rented apartment.

Other festival activities:

An exciting addition to the program. There will be four music lectures to understand tango better. They will be given by the wonderful Helmut Höllriegl - a professional opera singer, tango teacher and tango DJ. His speciality is musical understanding for dancers with a focus on the repertoire of the Golden Age. You find different formats of his teaching online on Youtube and his homepage www.tangoinsideout.com.

- January 2 - La Cumparsita | What defines the orchestra style?

- January 3 - Rhythm in Tango | Sources, structures & beyond

- January 4 - Canto, Contracanto | Between the lines

- January 5 - Orchestra styles II | The same but not the same

The 1,5-hour lectures start at 2PM.

The cost is 12 euro if paid before the end of the year, 18 euro at the door. Please note, that you'll only be able to attend a lecture if you're going to the milonga on that day. This has to do with covid-safety measures.

Here's the link to register to music lectures.

There will be one two-hour workshop on “Movement patterns and musicality” by Maria Moreno on January 3rd at 20:30 on the 2nd floor of Dnister. This class will be useful for both folklore dancers and tango dancers. The cost is 15 euros (you can pay in the hryvnia equivalent). Here is a link to pre-register as places are limited.

You can attend this seminar even if you are not a Remolino participant. In this case we will ask you to send us your vaccination certificate or show your negative test made not later than 72 hours before the class.

We will start the seminar with examining the phenomenon of movement pattern — the way of movement a person is used to, one that happens automatically, and instruments for exploring our physical capabilities. The way we hear and interpret music is directly related to our physical capabilities and skills. The set of sequences and movements which are familiar to us determines the way we “sound” with the music and defines if our bodies really experience what we hear and feel.

This seminar will help to find out and realize that we already know and can do so many things (hurrah!), to understand what exactly we are missing and how to integrate this experience into our dance.

Navigation classes are vital part of Remolino. This time they will make up a course presented by the one and only Sergiy Podbolotnyy. The classes are free of charge but open only for participants of the festival. Navigation classes will happen on January 2,3,4,5 and 7 from 2pm to 3pm.

You can come without a couple. For all levels.

Please note that you'll only be able to attend a class if you're going to the milonga on that day. This has to do with covid-safety measures.

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