Festival hotel booking

Festival hotel booking


As the festival time is coming, there are fewer options for accomodation left, so consult our FAQ and check messages in RemolinoINN group created to find roommates.

The hotel of the Festival is Dnister Hotel ****. It is situated in historic center of Lviv and surrounded by the picturesque old park.

Rooms and suites feature a breathtaking panorama of Old Town.

All daytime and smaller nighttime milongas will take place in the hotel.

We guarantee a free transfer from/to the Dnister Hotel to/from the Gratсia complex where bigger night milongas will take place.

Festival guests will have special prices for their stay, see table below. Pricing is better for long stays (6+ days) and if you book New Year dinner at Dnister Hotel.

Because festival guests have priority booking, Hotel website and other booking sites will show "no rooms available" for festival dates. Don't believe them, just try to book as described below.

New Year Dinner costs 350UAH per person, two options are available: regular and no meat version.

Customization not possible, but additional drinks and maybe food could be ordered on spot.

Dinner will start at 22:00 and will end around 0:30.

That night milonga will begin at 22:00 in Gratсia complex,

so you have an option to finish dinner early and use our free bus to go there before 00:00.

All rooms are double by default. Non-Premier rooms can have extra bed added.

All rooms have breakfast included.

Other rooms details can be seen here: http://www.dnister.lviv.ua/en/rooms.

Special prices for the festival:

Availability of the rooms:

Свободные номера в Днестр...ee rooms in Dnister hotel

To book a room write directly to reservation@dnister.lviv.ua.

1) Say you are coming to "Tango Remolino festival";

2) Provide booking dates and room type;

3) Say if you are booking with or without NY dinner, say if you need no meat version;

Here is a currency calculator to help you with UAH prices: