If you are looking for a roommate or a travel buddy check this group on Facebook — Remolino Inn.

The hotel of the festival is Dnister Hotel ****.

It is situated in the historic centre of Lviv and surrounded by a picturesque old park. Rooms and suites feature a breathtaking panorama of the Old Town.

Most of day- and nighttime milongas and all afterparties will take place in the hotel. We guarantee a free transfer from the Dnister Hotel to the milonga and back for all festival guests during milongas held at the second venue.

We booked the whole hotel for the festival, so the only way to book a room is by using promo code "TNGRMLN2018" on the hotel website until November 30th.

If you want to book a period that starts before December 29 or ends after January 8 you need to contact the hotel reservation desk by phone +38 (032) 297 43 17 or email State that you are coming for the tango festival and you'll get the discounted price.

Discounted prices for the hotel are as follows (valid until November 30th):

We recommend using AirBnb to search for a rented apartment.