Tango Remolino 2014-2015

Hi everyone!

Remolino keeps growing year after year.

It's one more day again for a whooping 12 days total.

Also we've decided to have free afterparties in our comfy smaller venue (Dnister hotel) after bigger night milongas that will be held in our bigger venue (Gracia complex).

If you visited us last time you've probably noticed that we had to limit tickets to our biggest daytime milongas because we ran out of space in Dnister. Not allowing people in because we're out of space is very sad for us, so this time biggest daytime milonga will be held in bigger venue.

And of course we are glad to invite you to our traditional free tango floorcraft classes.

DJ schedule for the festival:

Night milongas on January 2-4 and daytime milonga on 3d of January will be held at Gracia sport center (entrance from Schiretskaya str. Coordinates: 49°48′39.16″N 23°58′28.78″E)

Registration and prices

You may freely come without any registration,

here are our prices at the entrance:

Night milongas — 10€ per night

Day milongas — 2€ per day

Morning afterparties — free of charge

Navigation classes — certainly free of charge


Best place to stay would be Dnister hotel itself, we have special prices for the festival guests. To book a room first get a promo-code 'remolino' in the booking form on the hotel's website.

If you look at new currency rates right now the prices of Dnister hotel are going down:

  • from €35 (standard room) to €90 (luxury suit) during New Year period (31/12-2/01)
  • from €28,5 (standard room) to €56 (luxury suit) other days

Price is per room with super delicious breakfast.

Second best option is to look for a hotel/hostel/apartment as close to Dnister as possible, address is Mateyka Street 6.

This way you will stay quite close to city center while being close to one of two milonga venues.

Second venue Gracia is quite far from city center so for all milongas that will be held there we will provide free transfer from Dnister to Gracia and back. This is for all our guests, not just for those who decide to stay in Dnister.

Festival partner

We are glad to introduce our festival partner — the most popular Estonian liqueur Vana Tallinn.