Tango Remolino 2015 – 2016


Prices and refund.

Tickets can be bought on spot during the festival: night milonga 10€, daytime milonga 2€.

No registration required, everyone is welcome!

During festival you can return any previously bought ticket for night milonga for 7,5€ per ticket.

It's too late to get a refund for daytime milongas but you are free to give away or resell your ticket to someone else.

DJ Schedule

On 26th Dec, 27th Dec and 8th Jan night milongas will start at 20:00.

From 31st Dec till 4th Dec night milongas will take place in Gracia hall. From 1st Jan till 4th January day milongas will will take place in Gracia hall.

Navigation classes.

All seminars are free of charge, you don’t need to register or to have a dance partner, just come 5 minutes before the lesson starts.

Most workshops will be in English

From 15:00 till 16:00 in Dnister on the 9th floor (in the venue for day milongas).

DJ workshops

We invite you to participate in the DJ classes at the festival.

Please pre-register and pay at the entrance. For registration fill in the form https://goo.gl/LR3JMj.

31 December 14:30–16:30 Thorsten Zörner “Ask the DJ”

Session of questions and answers with tango DJ, teacher and dancer Thorsten from Düsseldorf, Germany. Ask him your questions about tango – the dance and the music – you were formerly too afraid to ask. Get his view of all things tango. Chair of the session is Alexey Doroschenko

Bar of Dniester hotel (9th floor)

Entrance fee is 40 UAH.

3 January 13:30–15:00 Mik Avramenko Part 1: “Theory”

  • How to prepare for milonga. Which settings to check/update in your laptop? Is it vital to buy an external sound card and how to choose one? How to collect the kit of useful things for milonga? How to connect your laptop to the sound equipment?
  • Why do we need to do a soundcheck? What exactly (and how) should we check before milonga begins?
  • What does “working with sound” mean? Which sound parameters can we adjust during milonga? How to use the EQ?

Entrance fee 40 UAH.

4 January 13:30–15:00 Mik Avramenko Part 2: “Practice: Soundcheck”

We will meet at the Tango Remolino milongas venue (in Dnister hotel) and will do the soundcheck together. Also, we will discuss possible technical troubles and how to solve them fast.

Entrance fee 40 UAH.

5 January 13:30–15:00 Gabriele Sabato “Guiding the flow in the TTVTTM scheme.”

Managing the energy is one of the biggest challenge during a djset.

Vals and Milongas can be an useful tool towards the night. Apart from the choice of the vals/milonga itself it is important to “prepare” the dancefloor for the coming tanda.

“In this workshop I will describe how I use the tandas to guide the flow from tango towards milongas and valses”

Entrance fee 40 UAH.

6 January 15:00–16:00 Laura Iaru “How do we build a milonga for our tangueros with our playlist, as the argentine DJs do at their milongas in Argentina?”

The seminar is dedicated to everybody interested in tango music for milongas and the cultural-social context of milonga (so not necessarily only for djs) & to the ones interested in becoming djs and also for other djs if they are interested in hearing Laura's opinions:) on:

  • choosing the orchestras: how, why, when
  • building the tandas: how
  • how we create energy & keep it during milonga – putting "honey, chocolate & chilli" in our playlist
  • just a few hints about tango culture of Argentina: the tango music, etiquette and atmosphere at milongas porteñas.

Entrance fee 40 UAH.