You are looking for the perfect tango activity to start your new year? 
Then look no further than Tango Remolino in L'viv, Ukraine from January 4 to 9, 2011.
Dance away six long nights of great traditional tango music, 2 DJs each night, supremely organized, well catered for all night.
Celebrate christmas twice the winter, as this week of tango heaven coincides with the orthodox christmas.
Meet the young, enthusiastic and stylish tango communities of Kiev, L'viv, Odessa, the rest of the Ukraine and also from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Enjoy the historical city center of L'viv and sample incredibly fresh Ukrainian food and drink.
Even in the coldest winter, Tango Remolino in L'viv will warm your hearts!

I will see you there, Thorsten - tango teacher and invited DJ from Düsseldorf, Germany.

Programme and DJs of the festival

Prices and registration

Dear friends!
We are very happy that this year our festival attracted so many people. Unfortunately our dance-hall can't fit all people who want to come and we can't find larger place this year. There are still few places left at the milonga on 9th of January, but they will be filled very soon. You still can buy a  ticket for this milonga for 10 euro. Evening milonga will take place at the same hall, also there will be new dj every day who will put the best music for you, and the entrance will be free and unlimited. Thank you so much, hope to see you at Remolino 2011 or 2012!

If you still have questions left - please contact festival organiser (Alexandra Kotelnitskaya)


You can book hotel, hostel, rent an apartment with your friends. Better do this in advance because in the Christmas period lots of tourists tend to visit Lviv.
The hotel of the Festival is Dnister Hotel 4*. It is situated in historic centre of Lviv and surrounded by the picturesque old park. Rooms and suites feature a breathtaking panorama of Old Town. All night milongas will be on 9th floor.
You can book a room if you write directly to and have 10% discount if you state that you are coming to "tango-festival".

Tango-hostel of the festival is Kosmonaut Hostel (Hostel #1 in Ukraine). It can host 38 people (or maybe a little bit more). There is always hot water, heat, free wi-fi, it is clean, cheap and fun (see the website). It is the closest hostel to Dnister Hotel (just walk through the park). You can book it directly just right a mail to before 15th November. Just state that you are going to 'Tango-festival' in your  request.

Festival's travel company "Trident" will help you book any type of accommodation if you do that before 1st Dec. 
For booking contact festival's manager Julia Tymkiv ICQ # 414 038 246. She can also organize guided tour for you.
Here are some hotel's room price per day:




per person

Few of the hotels are marked on the map.
Dnister Hotel **** € 45 € 45
Kosmonaut Hostel
€ 29 € 9
Kupava Hotel****
€ 30

Hotel "Hetman" **+

€ 35

€ 33

Wien Hotel ***

€ 45

€ 50

Grand Hotel Lviv ***+

€ 95

€ 115

Apartments “Irena” ***

€ 25

€ 33

Leopolis Hotel ****+

€ 175

€ 195

Citadel Inn Hotel and Resort ****+

€ 120

€ 140

Hotel Opera ****

€ 80

€ 105

Swiss Hotel ****

€ 95

€ 140

Hotel "George" **+

€ 35

€ 65

€ 55 
€ 55 
At Burger*** 
€ 38/40
€ 38/40 

Hotel NTON ***

€ 38

€ 42

Hotel Volter ***

€ 35

€ 42

Hotel Pearl **

€ 31

€ 24

LeoCity Hostel

€ 25

€ 8

Hostel "Sun" € 23 € 26 € 6