Dj-fest.TANGO REMOLINO 2010 5-10 January

Читать по-русски

No workshops, just tango

There is a popular Russian saying: How you start a new year will be how you spend it. If it is not enough for you to dance at one NY milonga and you want to dance more - welcome to to Lviv! The dancers of Moscow, St. Petersburg & Kiev already know where they will spend Christmas (celebration of Christmas in Lviv always lasts for 2 weeks).

The first tango-event of 2010 is DJ-Fest.TANGO REMOLINO will take place in Lviv, Ukraine from 5th till 10th of January.

Lviv is the best city for Christmas tango:

The old Lviv is very attractive for tourists! video

The spirit of this city can be compared with well-known European centers for tourism such as Prague and Krakow. But Lviv has more hospitable prices not only for accommodation and meals, but also for tango-events.

The Christmas celebration, snow-covered streets, hot coffee in the best coffee-houses in Europe - all this (and not only this!) creates a perfect font for a magical, warm and friendly atmosphere on Christmas milongas.

Place for milongas:

Festival milongas will be held in the dance-hall located in a park area just near the center of Lviv. This means that from anywhere in the city you can reach this place in 15-20 minutes by taxi for not more than 2-3 euros. A walking journey from City Hall to the park is 25 minutes (three times longer if you take a camera with you, four times more delicious - if on the way you will drink some coffee, and five times more interesting - if it's all done in good company).

A huge dance-hall which can easily welcome more than 200 couples just on the dance-floor is very suitable not only for its location but it has very cool dance-friendly parquet floor (every pair of dancing shoes once dreamed of it).

Hall is in a two-storied building of the club "Romantic" in the Bogdan Khmelnitsky park (address is Bolgars'ka Street 4, google map)


During first two weeks of January everything stops giving us all a chance to realize the beginning of the New Year. DJ-Fest.TANGO REMOLINO was created for those who managed to celebrate New Year 2010 but still not tired from tango (and not only tango). Do not look for anything better in Europe you won't find anything.

There are plenty of airlines and trains from Europe which allow to get to Lviv very quickly & cheaply. For example, from Dortmund, Germany there is a low-cost airline to Lviv and from England - to Rzeszów (150 km from Lviv).

DJs for the festival:

For each milonga of the festival there will be two parts: milonga will begin with start-DJ, and continue (from 23:30 till morning) - with the main DJ.

Main DJs:

- Rodion Khramutichev DJ Mu4a4o (St. Petersburg, Russia)

- Anastasia Pomogaeva DJ Radistka-cat (Moscow-St.Petersburg, Russia)

- Cenker Uzun(Istanbul, Turkey)

- Alexandra Kotelnitskaya DJ Tangess (Lviv-Kiev, Ukraine)

- DJ Vereschagin (Moscow, Russia)

- Jan Woźniak (Warsaw, Poland)

Start DJs:

- Irina Suomka Mykhaylyuk (Odessa, Ukraine)

- Elena Sergienko (Kiev, Ukraine)

- DJ Mik(Kiev, Ukraine)

- Artem Polyakov DJ Art (Lviv, Ukraine)

- Dj Ilya Sergeyich (Moscow, Russia)

- Eugene Kuchma (Kiev, Ukraine)


You can book hotel, hostel, rent an apartment with your friends. Better do this in advance because in the Christmas period lots of tourists tend to visit Lviv.

Festival's travel company "Trident" will help you book any type of accommodation if you do that before 1st Dec.

For booking contact festival's manager Julia Jasynska mice1@trident.lviv.ua ICQ # 414 038 246. She can also organize guided tour for you.

Tango-hostel of the festival is Kosmonaut Hostel (Hostel #1 in Ukraine). It can host 38 people (or maybe a little bit more). There is always hot water, heat, free wi-fi, it is clean, cheap and fun (see the website). You can book it directly just right a mail to info@thekosmonaut.com before 15th November. Just state that you are 'Tango-traveller' in your request.

Here are some hotel's room price per day:


€ 35

€ 45

€ 95

€ 25

€ 175

€ 120

€ 80

€ 95

€ 35


€ 33

€ 50

€ 115

€ 33

€ 195

€ 140

€ 105

€ 140

€ 65


per person

Few of the hotels are marked on the map.

€ 55

€ 38/40

€ 55

€ 38/40

€ 38

€ 35

€ 31

€ 23

€ 42

€ 42

€ 24

€ 25

€ 26

€ 8

€ 6

Prices and registration:

Full Pass: 40€

One milonga: 8€

If you pay before 20th of December - you reserve a seat at one of the tables around the dancefloor.

Register at info@tangoremolino.org

We will update the plan of the hall to show which tables are already reserved

If you want to form a group from your city please contact me tangess@gmail.com (Alexandra Kotelnitskaya)