DJ-festival Tango Remolino 2014

DJ-festival Tango Remolino 2014

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Hi everyone!

We are glad to invite you once again to Remolino tango festival in Lviv.

Started in 2010 Remolino grows bigger every year and now it’s 22 milongas long from 2013 December 28th till 2014 January 7th.


Lviv (aka Lwów/Lemberg/Leopoli) is one of the main cultural centers of today's Ukraine,

mostly due to it's wonderful historical part that remained intact regardless of many wars around these lands.

It's located in western part of Ukraine, really close to Poland.

During festival there would be two big celebrations: New Year's Eve on December 31th and Orthodox Christmas on January 7th.

These are big holidays for both locals and most tourists, so expect lot of celebrations and a bit crowded city around these days.

Start looking for accommodation early, you will be glad you did!


All day milongas and smaller night milongas will be held at Dnister hotel. Bigger night milongas will be held at another place (Gracia sport center)

but a free transfer from Dnister and back will be provided for everybody. So just book a room at Dnister or somewhere very close,

this is best option for all milongas and is just 10 minutes away from main sightseeing locations.


One night milonga costs 10€. You may come even without registration, tickets for night milongas won’t be limited.

Day milongas on 2, 3, 4 of January will cost around 3€ and there will be limited amount of tickets sold directly at festival.

We are going to sell a limited batch of tickets every day so that even if you are coming in a middle of festival you'll have a chance to get them.

Day milongas on less crowded dates (29.12—1.01, 5.01—7.01) will be free to enter, no registration required.

Registration is over but it's NOT mandatory,

Please come if you want to,

we are ready for unexpected guests :)

These are our group organizers, feel free to ask them any questions about Remolino and Lviv:


Remolino is not just another tango festival, it is a DJ festival!

We will have 22 carefully chosen DJs doing their best:

Day milongas 16:30 — 20:30


28 — Victoria Fedirko (Vilnius)

29 — Mihal Gabrys (Krakow)

30 — Carla De Benedictis (Chieti)

31 — Jakub Ciczkowski (Olsztyn)


1 — Anatoly Popov (Krasnodar)

2 — Andrew Meakovski (L’viv) — paid

3 — Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Ukraine) — paid

4 — Nemanja (Belgrade) — paid

5 — Jani Keinänen (Vantaa)

6 — Peter Stefanics (Gdansk)

7 — Kadir Unay (Antalya)

Night milongas 22:00 — 05:00


28 — Yuriy Cherenkov (Kiev)

29 — Alexey Doroschenko (Minsk)

30 — Daniel Rossi (Brussels)

31 — Semeon Kukormin (Moscow)


1 — Vladimir Vereschagin (Moscow)

2 — Frank Seifart (Berlin)

3 — Andrea Dedo (L'Aquila)

4 — Horacio Luis Gabriel Quota (Rome)

5 — James Bates (Berlin)

6 — Mik Avramenko (Kiev)

7 — Vincent El Ghouzzi (Paris)

Navigation workshops

On December 29—30th and January 2nd, 5th from 15:30 till 16:30

And on January 3—4 from 15:00 till 16:00

in Dnister on the 9th floor (in the venue for day milongas).

You should really come - it will be fun.

All seminars are free of charge, you don’t need to register or to have a dance partner, just come 5 minutes before the lesson starts.

Most workshops will be in English, but on 3rd and 4th of January they will be in Russian, you may need to find a personal translator :)


29/12 — Serdar Kaplan (Ankara),

30/12 — Daniel Rossi (Brussels),

2/01 — Frank Seifart (Berlin),

3/01 — Sergey Maga (Moscow) in Russian,

4/01 — Vlad Chernyakov (Moscow) in Russian,

5/01 — Janos Bicsar (Budapest).

DJ workshops

All workshops are in English with Russian translation, each one cost 10€, no registration required.

Workshops will be held at the first(ground) floor of Dnister hotel, there will be some signs to guide you to the room.

Topics and dates:

14:30—16:00 December 30th 2013 by Frank Seifart.

Choosing proper music for milonga (for DJs and curious).

14:30—16:00 January 3rd 2014 by James Bates.

Origin and historical evolution of tango music (for all tango fans).

14:30—16:00 January 4th 2014 by Frank Seifart.

Technical side of the DJ’s job (for DJs and curious).

14:30—16:00 January 5th 2014 by Frank Seifart.

How to animate a Tango event successfully (for DJs and curious).

Workshop topics in details

Direct flights to Lviv (LWO): (old prices)

from Dortmund (30/12—6/01) — 140€ (Wizz Air)

from Istanbul (29/12—8/01) — 119€ (Pegasus)

from Warsaw (28/12—7/01 — 128€ (LOT)

from Venice (29/12—8/01) — 140€ (Wizz Air)

from Munich (29/12—8/01) — 270€ (Luftgansa)

from Kiev (28/12—8/01) — 93€ (UIA)

Other closest to Lviv airport is Rzeszow, where lowcost Eurolot and Ryanair have flights as cheap as 100€ two-way from Rome, 145€ from London.

Transfer by shared taxi costs ~30€ one way per person from Rzeszow airport to Lviv.

Visas — most likely you don't need one.

If you have a valid passport issued by one of these countries then you should be free to go:

Schengen Area countries, Turkey, UK, Ireland, USA, Belarus, Russia and some other.

BUT! Be sure to check that YOU don't need a visa. It's better to be 100% sure because very small details can matter a lot.

Sightseeing tours with English guide

29th December, 12:00 — Coffee-tour

30th December, 16:00 — Lviv memory keepers — multimedia walking tour

1st January, 21:00 — Lviv night guard - night city adventure tour

2nd January, 12:00 — Coffee-tour

3rd January, 10:00 — Famous castles aroud around Lviv — bus tour

4th January, 16:00 — Lviv memory keepers — multimedia walking tour

21:00 — Lviv night guard — night city adventure tour

5th January, 12:00 — Coffee-tour

For city tours you just buy a ticket one day in advance or earlier.

For the bus tour please register here then buy out your ticket no later that two days before tour.

You can pay for tours at Rynok Square 10, look for "Just Lviv It" red logo.

Working hours are from 10:00 till 21:00 (10am—9pm).

Tour operator hotline: +38 0800 501 292.

Festival partner

We are glad to introduce our festival partner — the most popular Estonian liqueur Vana Tallinn.


Current event where you can let others know you are coming:

Remolino group where you can find feedback from last year, just scroll down a bit:

Last year photos, video and map

Photo album 2013

Photo album 2012

Dancers map 2013 — they all came to Remolino last year.