Felix Picherna (Argentina)

Picherna is a mind, honor and conscience of a tango dance-floor. Picherna is a personalisation of a tango-fantasy and an earnest treasurer of tango-values:). To be Picherna means to finish DJing at 6 am and at 12 am to enter the class of dj workshop being perfectly elegant. Picherna is ... Don’t even know. This is a man, whom you really need to see and to hear, in case some snob like me couldn’t say: “Read the manual” or couldn’t even exclaim with a pity: “Oh poor, you’ve hever heard Picherna! You’ve lost so much!”)))

Alexandra Vilvovskaya

Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Dj Tangess) (Kiev/L’vov, Ukraine)

She always knows what tango to play now. And what cortina should change the atmosphere for the next tanda. All the best tangos from the Golden Age will sound differently with her. She will share her love and energy with you — DJ Tangess, from the most beautiful Ukrainian city L’vov.

In 2008-2010 participated as a DJ at the festivals and milongas in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Italy and Argentina. She organises her own DJ-festival in L’vov.

Olga Agapova (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Olga Agapova regularly plays music at the milongas of Saint-Petersburg, she also performed as a DJ at the festivals Argentinean Holidays (2010) and White Nights Tango (2010, 2011), also at milongas outside of Saint-Petersburg: in Moscow and Helsinki. She is passionated for Argentina and Buenos Aires. While DJing she prefrers traditional tango. She likes to play music which would make people dance with pleasure and have a wonderful night — this exchange with dancers makes DJ happy, too.

Sergey Beznisko (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)

I love music in general. I adore tango, I teach tango and I DJ at my own milonga. All my researches, favors and experiments are in tango. I selfperfect as a teacher, a dancer and a DJ all the time. I’m grateful to my teachers and to my students, who helped me to become a good DJ. I put tandas the way you will newly love every orchestra all-out.

PS: Would like to buy vinyl discs. High-priced.

Marcin Blazejewski (Warsaw, Poland)

He has been playing tango music mostly in Warsaw. Marcin is known as a DJ who makes an atmosphere during the milonga sharing his energy and temperament with other dancers. He’s keen on traditional music of the Golden Age with preferences of rhythmic pieces as well as strong, deep sound of powerful tunes on the other hand.

Natalie Demkovich (Kiev, Ukraine)

A young DJ, full of energy, with good taste and a mischievous temperament, Natalie creates a very special atmosphere at milongas. She’s attentive to dancers and improves her DJ skills all the time.

"I respect my audience, and the connection between us is a musical space where I can communicate with dancers".

Dinara Gracheva (Moscow, Russia)

Fell in love with tango music after one Argentinian gave her several CD with beautiful play-list but without names of tracks and orchestras. After that she had to collect music from all her friends and play “guess the melody” for several months. When all music from CD-s was found she had understood that it’s impossible to live without tango-music any more.

She prefers Golden Age tango. Favorite orchestras: Osvaldo Pugliese, Juan D’Arienzo, Carlos Di Sarli, Anibal Troilo. DJes at central Moscow milongas and visits Lviv, Kiev and St. Petersburg.

Ali Isikli (Ankara, Turkey)

He believes that Tango is not only a dance; it is a culture which is formed by music, lyrics, poetry and life style. So the unforgotten side of Tango, the music, must be emphasized.

He makes music at the milongas since 2000. Ali makes his selections by both of the energy of the dancers and the atmosphere of the milonga place. He has a wide repertoire starting from the beginning of 1900 up to today and from Turkish Tango orchestras to the tango orchestras of different countries.

With his archive he is one of the finest collectors around the world. Ali continuously is in contact with orchestras and other collectors, and exchanges ideas and collection items with them.

Onur Kira (Istanbul, Turkey)

Onur Kıra started to dance tango in 2004. Learning it he got that tango is not just a dance, but a communication and kind of special relation between two persons.

As a Tango DJ he started to perform in 2005. At first he performed only at Tangoist Studio (His Alma-mater) Milongas. Soon he started to perform at milongas in Istanbul and other events in Turkey. He believes that while choosing tandas tango DJ should keep the energy of milonga and to create a unic atmosphere for milongueros.

Semeon Kukormin (Moscow, Russia)

Semen Kukormin can be called the discovery of 2011.He put tango misic at his first milonga in order to help earn his younger brother, drummer (Live curtain on the milonga “Desvan” in Moscow). And a month later received the blessing on the DJ-festival “Remolino” in Lviv.

Now the best milongas in Moscow are happy to invite him for DJing.

Some dancers have already called him a most lyrical DJ!

“Dance is a song for me first of all now, and I can talk about my feelings throughout it. While dancing, I sing in duet with my partner! Perhaps that is why instrumental music sounds a lot lessduring my DJing. I put the music for the dancers as a dancer. For me it is very important that people dance because they like the music and they want to dance, not because they came and they have no choice!”

Yulia Lopatka (DJ Corazon) (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)

Lost her heart to tango for years ago. DJed at milongas in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye. Was a DJ at after-party milongas of Tango d’Amore Festival in Odessa (2010, 2011). “I like tango, because it gets a lot of different people together by its hugs, music and connection. Even if you don’t understand the language of the person you dance with, but the language of the dance will be clear for both of you. That’s why I love music of the Golden Age — it joins hearts of dancers together. I always try to put such tandas for everybody feels comfy.”

Guillermo Barrionuevo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

You can really understand the personality of Guillermo Barrionuevo through the music he puts. It’s mostly traditional, but he is always open for suggestions. Sometimes he plays nuevo or experimental ones, prefers different rhythms for cortinas. Let’s meet one guy who is called Guille (nickname EL PEQUE), a dancer who likes playing music for dancers to create special TANGO NIGHTS.

Olga Makhno (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

First of all I love to dance. And I prefer traditional milonga. I also think that music should be so good, that people do not want to leave the dance floor while hearing it. DJing since spring 2009 at regular milongas and festivals of Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar.

Oleg Okunev (Nizhni Novgorod, Russia)

“I live in Nizhni Novgorod. It will be my first visit to Remolino. DJing at milonga is like painting, which should combine Beauty, Harmony and Simplicity. In my opinion the Golden Age tango has everything to get it”.

Alexandra Vilvovskaya (DJ Vilya) (Moscow, Russia)

People come to milonga to dance and to have fun. My basic concern is in helping them to do it. The music I play should invite them on the dance floor, help to dance and express emotions. The music should give pleaser from dance, situation, atmosphere ... Every time it may be some other music. Everything is determined by people, place, time, mood and thousands of elusive details. There are no two identical milongas.